Bronze Age Settlement

Thanks to funding from Historic England and Forterra, in August 2015 we began a new project – Bronze Age Settlement. This was a 10-month excavation of a settlement at the site that was destroyed by fire, causing it to collapse into a river channel, preserving the contents in situ. Information on our progress and discoveries can be found in Bronze Age Settlement.

Bronze Age River

In 2011 the Cambridge Archaeological Unit, University of Cambridge, in collaboration with Forterra, began to unearth a series of extraordinary finds. What we found, what we learnt and what we know about the history, geology and archaeology of the area, can be explored in Bronze Age River.


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    We are making great progress refitting the pottery assemblage from the site. It is a complex process, like a 3D jigsaw, but it is really rewarding to see vessels emerging from piles of sherds. This is a really important process that is helping us understand the histories of individual pots and similarities..

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