Can I visit the excavation?

Excavations at the Must Farm pile-dwelling finished in 2016 so visits to the site are not possible. At present, no further excavations are planned at the site.

What will happen to the site?

The 2015/2016 excavations were undertaken to record and remove the settlement archaeology owing to changes in preservation conditions. Over the course of the project, we recorded and excavated the material at the site alongside carrying out environmental sampling and 3D modelling. Now the archaeology has been removed the site has been reburied and will be left sealed.

Where will the finds and discoveries be displayed?

The finds from the Must Farm pile-dwelling excavation will be displayed in forthcoming exhibitions at Peterborough Museum

What has been found?

The Must Farm pile-dwelling settlement has some of the most exciting domestic Late Bronze Age archaeology discovered in Britain. Find out more in the Open Access publications of the site here.

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Schematic diagram showing different architectural elements
The Must Farm pile-dwelling settlement was excavated by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit with funding from Historic England and Forterra.


Must Farm Pile-dwelling settlement publications
Read the Open Access publications the Must Farm pile-dwelling settlement: Volume 1. Landscape, architecture and occupation and Volume 2. Specialist reports.


Read the Dig Diaries and Post-Ex Diaries from the 2015-16 excavations at the pile-dwelling settlement.


See some of the discoveries from the Must Farm pile-dwelling settlement.

Making Must Farm

Find out about our work with AncientCraft recreating Must Farm’s material.