Making Must Farm

Must Farm replicas
A selection of Must Farm replicas made by AncientCraft

We were lucky enough to be able to work with the fantastic AncientCraft to create a series of videos, Making Must Farm, detailing some of the settlement’s key artefacts and their recreation. Alongside the videos, the brilliant replicas are regularly taken into schools across the region to help connect new audiences to the Late Bronze Age and the value of archaeology.

1. A Bronze Axe

2. A Bronze Sickle

3. A Bronze Spear

4. A Bronze Gouge

5. A Bronze Razor

6. A Bronze Chisel

7. A Wooden Box

8. A Bobbin

This project was supported by the University of Cambridge School of Arts and Humanities Impact Fund.

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Schematic diagram showing different architectural elements
The Must Farm pile-dwelling settlement was excavated by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit with funding from Historic England and Forterra.


Must Farm Pile-dwelling settlement publications
Read the Open Access publications the Must Farm pile-dwelling settlement: Volume 1. Landscape, architecture and occupation and Volume 2. Specialist reports.


Read the Dig Diaries and Post-Ex Diaries from the 2015-16 excavations at the pile-dwelling settlement.


See some of the discoveries from the Must Farm pile-dwelling settlement.


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