“The discovery of a Bronze Age pile-dwelling settlement in the first real venture into deep Fenland says everything you need to know about the extraordinary archaeological potential of England’s peat fen”

Mark Knight, Lead Author

Between 2015-16 archaeologists from the Cambridge Archaeological Unit excavated the remains of a Late Bronze Age (850BC) pile-dwelling settlement. Consisting of houses built on piles above a river and surrounded by a palisade of sharpened posts, the settlement was destroyed in a catastrophic fire only 9-12 months after it was constructed. The story of the site is now available to read in two Open Access publications: Must Farm pile-dwelling settlement Volumes 1 & 2.


The Must Farm pile-dwelling settlement was excavated by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit with funding from Historic England and Forterra. ...read more

Schematic diagram showing different architectural elements


Read the Open Access publications the Must Farm pile-dwelling settlement: Volume 1. Landscape, architecture and occupation and Volume 2. Specialist reports. ...read more

Must Farm Pile-dwelling settlement publications


Read the Dig Diaries and Post-Ex Diaries from the 2015-16 excavations at the pile-dwelling settlement. ...read more


See some of the discoveries from the Must Farm pile-dwelling settlement.

Making Must Farm

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