“We think those living in the settlement were forced to leave everything behind…an extraordinarily rich range of goods and objects are present in the river deposits”

Kasia Gdaniec, Senior Archaeologist, Cambridgeshire County Council

Thanks to funding from Historic England and Forterra, in August 2015 we were able to continue the work begun in Bronze Age River, and start investigating a settlement at Must Farm. The settlement was built on a platform on piles over a river channel and dates back to the end of the Bronze Age (1000-800 BC). The piles were destroyed by fire, causing the structure to collapse into the river, thereby preserving the contents in situ. As work progresses, we are making extraordinary discoveries and learning more and more about this unique site.


The Must Farm Timber Platform Project is an ongoing project being carried out by the Cambridge University Archaeological Unit with funding from Historic England and Forterra. ...read more


Post-Ex Diaries

Recent stable isotope analyses on plant, animal and human remains from Must Farm are starting to shed fresh light on diet and activities at the site. read more

Samples for stable isotope analyses

Dig Diaries

The excavation of the Must Farm settlement was carried out between August 2015 and August 2016. Take a look at our diary entries documenting the excavation process. ...read more

Bronze Age rapier found in river sediments linked to the causeway. The blue colouration is a result of alkaline-rich silts in the river causing a form of corrosion on the metal


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