Post-Ex Diary 12: The Must Farm Textiles Part Two

May 6, 2019

In this month’s update we continue our video series, featuring textile specialist Dr Susanna Harris, focusing on the different fibres and fabrics from the Must Farm pile-dwelling.

The Must Farm Textiles: Part Five – Twining

Our fifth episode on the fibres and fabrics from Must Farm focuses on twining. This technique is generally unfamiliar to us today. What artefacts might have been created using this technique?

The Must Farm Textiles: Part Six – Fibre Bundles

The sixth entry in our series examining Must Farm’s textiles explores fibre bundles. These rare finds are a very important component of the assemblage and show that different stages of fabric production were present at the site.

The Must Farm Textiles: Part Seven – Yarns

In the final part of our video series on Must Farm’s fibres and fabrics Dr Susanna Harris discusses the yarns from the site. These fantastic finds, including delicate balls of thread, are helping us unravel more information about fibre production during the Late Bronze Age.

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Schematic diagram showing different architectural elements
The Must Farm pile-dwelling settlement was excavated by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit with funding from Historic England and Forterra.


Must Farm Pile-dwelling settlement publications
Read the Open Access publications the Must Farm pile-dwelling settlement: Volume 1. Landscape, architecture and occupation and Volume 2. Specialist reports.

Dig Diaries

The excavation of the Must Farm settlement was carried out between August 2015 and August 2016. Take a look at our diary entries documenting the excavation process. more


See some of the discoveries from the Must Farm pile-dwelling settlement.

Making Must Farm

Find out about our work with AncientCraft recreating Must Farm’s material.


Further information on the Must Farm project.