Post-Ex Diary 7: The Must Farm Pottery Refit

November 5, 2018

In a break from our traditional diary format, this month’s update discussing refitting the pottery sherds from Must Farm takes the form of several short videos.

Part One

In this first instalment one of our pottery specialists, Dr. Kate Beats, discusses some of the techniques used for refitting alongside the difficulties we face.


Part Two

In the second part of our series exploring the refitting of the Must Farm settlement’s pottery assemblage, Dr. Matthew Brudenell discusses some of the different vessel types found during the excavation. Are Must Farm’s pots familiar with other Late Bronze Age vessels?


Part Three

In the final part of our series of short films focusing on refitting Must Farm’s pottery, Dr Matthew Brudenell discusses the assemblage’s different fabrics alongside one of our most unusual and interesting vessels.

Further work on the ceramics is still taking place but we’re turning our attention to some of the other artefact types and post-excavation techniques for future blogs and updates over the coming months.

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The Must Farm Timber Platform Project is an ongoing project being carried out by the Cambridge University Archaeological Unit with funding from Historic England and Forterra.

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